The Gun Surgeon

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The Gun Surgeon BBB Business Review

A Real 100% Certified Gunsmith!
We are not just part swappers.  We are professionally trained and tested in order to have obtained all of our certifications to include Machine Shop equipment such as the Metal Lathe, Milling Machine, TIG Welding and specialized tooling to better ensure that we are doing our part in offering you the absolute best quality of work possible!  This advanced training affords us the opportunity to make obsolete parts for that very old or rare family heirloom so you and your family can enjoy your firearm safely and reliably for years to come.  

All Gunsmith Certifications were acquired through 

The American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI)

Certified Gunsmith on all Pistols/Semi-Auto's

Certified Pistolsmith (Semi-auto / Revolvers)


Certified Gunsmith on all Rifle's
Certified Bolt Action / Semi-Auto / Lever Action Rifles
Certified Gunsmith for all Shotgun designs
Certified  Semi-Auto / Break-Action / Pump Shotgun's
Certified Rimfire Rifles/Pistols
Certified .22 cal. / Rimfire's
Certified Gunsmith on all AR-15/M4 configurations
Certified M4/AR-15 Riflesmith
Certified Gunsmith for all 1911 style's and Variants
Certified 1911 Pistolsmith
Certified Glocksmith
Certified Glocksmith
Certified Law Enforcement Armorer
Certified Law Enforcement Armorer
Certified Firearm Appraisor
Certified Firearms Appraiser