The Gun Surgeon

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The Gun Surgeon Photo Gallery 

Note: all certifications were accomplished via "The American Gunsmithing Institute".

Example Gallery of Some of Our Work
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Custom Built For One of Our Customers:
Remington 700 platform in 300 Win Mag.
Internal Custom Machined to True the Action with the Bore, Hand Fit and Lapped Bolt Assembly, Holland Deluxe Spring Set (Firing Pin, Ejector, Bolt Release, Trigger Return Springs), Molybdenum Coated Bore, Deburr Firing Pin Hole, Custom Floor Plate Modification to Accept Detachable Magazines, Holland Custom Quick Dissipation Muzzle Brake, Custom Pillar Bedded w/ Free Float Barrel, Holland Custom Scope Base with 20 degree cant and integral level, Holland Cheek Rest w/ Storage Pouch, Holland Data/Ammo Pouch, Vortex Flip Data Cap (Front), Vortex Flip Cap (Rear)Leopold Mk 4 Scope Rings (leveled and hand lapped), Vortex PST Gen II FFP 5 - 25 x 50, Harris S series LM Bi-Pod, Custom Cut Pelican Case, Allen Deluxe Shooting Matt/Carry Case, Vortex Battery Storage Case, Vortex Fast Ring, Allen Sling, Vortex Scope use book, Cleaning Kit, Fat Max Torque Wrench Kit, Scope Lense Cleaning Kit and Boresnake.
Customer is extremely pleased with the build.  The muzzle brake makes it a joy to shoot all day long at the range and is an absolute tack driver!

Customers Ruger 10/22 Brought in for Rust Repair