The Gun Surgeon

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Example of Services Offered

Online Firearm Purchasing/Shipping/Receiving

Certified FFL Holder

Don't overpay for your shipping and background checks! 

We do not stock firearms but any new firearm you purchase from us is only 10% over our cost!

General Firearm Repair

No NFA (National Firearms Act) Firearms accepted!

(ex. Machine Guns, Short Barrel Rifles etc.)

From $25.00 on up

Clean and Inspect

Complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, inspection for safety and serviceability, lubrication, reassembly, mechanical test of firing and safety mechanisms. 

Prices start at $45.00, does not include any necessary parts or repairs!

Scope /Sight Installation

from $35.00

Offered Extra's

- Laser Boresight

- Base Leveling/Shimming

- Scope Ring Lapping

- Drill and Tap for Base Mounting ($50.00 per hole). Hardened receivers such

  as Mouser's are slightly higher.

Accuracy Work (Point of Impact)


NOTE: If you are having shooting accuracy issues that you want us to correct we require a target shot by you at 15 yds. (5 shot group) and 1 box of the exact same ammo used to shoot that target by you.


Priced per job. We are a Glock, 1911, AR-15/M4 specialist! Written estimate with detailed explanation of what is to be done and any required parts will be listed. Customer is responsible for any and all returned shipping costs imposed for unused or unwanted parts/accessories! Customer is required to pay 100% of parts costs up front! Shop Gunsmith labor rate is $75.00 hr. 

Trigger Jobs

- Smooth and Tune from $75.00

- Adjust trigger weight from $150.00

                Note: Signed customer liability release required

                         for triggers adjusted below factory setting.

In House Finishing Applications

- Bead Blasting

- Alumi-Hyde II

- Cold Bluing (touch-up)

Sent Out

- - Hot Salt Caustic Bluing

- - Cerecote

- - all others

Jeweling Services

Dress up that firearm Old School style by Jeweling the Trigger, Bolt, Hammer etc. 

Glass, Pillar Bedding, Free Floating the Barrel 

$150.00 on up

Certified Firearms Appraisals

- Written Certified Appraisal from $50.00

- Current Market Value, uncertified from $25.00

Written Price Estimate

$35.00 on up for a written estimate. We must physically evaluate the firearm in order to provide the most accurate estimate possible.  No quotes or estimates are given over the phone so please do not ask as no exceptions will be made! This is to protect you by ensuring that there will not be (or at least the odds will be against it) any unanticipated "surprises" in cost when the final bill is totaled. We want you to be completely satisfied with us and that includes the                                        charges on your bill.

                                       Please realize that the "average" repair cost is only ~$35.00.

Firearm Shipping/Receiving

We will also ship and/or receive a firearm for you. $20.00 fee for receiving a firearm and a $25.00 fee to ship a firearm (covers time to accomplish paperwork/packaging costs etc.) plus postage (USPS is your best rate/option) and insurance (if desired.)

Note: If you are receiving a firearm you must clear the Federal Background Check before we can release the firearm to you and it can only be released to whom it is addressed.

Shop Rate Examples 

Click this link above to go to my Shop Rate Manual.  This manual will hopefully give you and idea of how long some work takes and the approximate costs associated with the work.  Please keep in mind that the costs of parts are not included in the price, we bill in 15 minute increments (or 0.25 hrs) and our shop labor rate is currently $75.00 per hour. We also have a $25.00 minimum charge which covers the time to do all the paperwork and the first 15 minutes of labor.  So a 30 minute job (0.50 hrs.) would cost $37.50 for labor, plus tax (7.25%) and that extra fun stuff like the $2.00 for shop supplies to cover the costs or the cleaners, lube, rags, penetrating oils etc. that I use on every firearm. Also note that if there is a strike-through on a job that means that I am not yet performing that particular work at this time but will be soon.